There are so many passages in this piece that evoked an emotional familiarity, a “yes that is exactly how that feels”as I read them.

“There is a sigh of relief in September, the Mondayness of the return to route after summer’s ceaseless arrhythmia.”

Your description of the loneliness of single life was so painful I had to read in stages. I was single for 10 years as an adult and remember this feeling like it was yesterday:

“it hits me that there are only so many friends I can text without exposing myself to a twinge of vulnerability from admitting there are things I want to do and that I need someone to do them with.”

You captured so accurately the pain and awkwardness of being single on holidays. The section about July 4th resonated deeply.

If the point of art/writing is to evoke feeling you in all respects succeeded.

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Cried when I read this the first time and cried today from happiness on the other end . You capture the ambiance of summer both east and west coast with such poignancy.

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